Purity (adventure)

Anya’s Home

Adventure Name: “Purity”
Brief Description: Leo scouts ahead with Connor the elven scout and finds a town of Genetic Purity Knights and some abandoned places like Buhl Idaho.

Date: March 3, 2019

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)



  • Twin Falls Idaho, 42°33′20″N 114°28′15″W
  • Town of Buhl Idaho (ruins)

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Aram Yeager

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None


Adventure Synopsis:

Leo and the “otherworlders” (eg fae) headed out towards the town of Cold Steel. Following normal fae movements the process was fairly slow. So Leo and his group (other than Emily the doctor who stayed with the rest of the fae) joined Connor on recon missions ahead of the fae.

There they uncovered some abandoned towns like Buhl, and a still occupied town of Sacred Waters. Sacred Waters was formerly Twin Falls Idaho and the home of a faction of the Knights of Genetic Purity. Calling themselves the silent brotherhood they ran the town under the new “Morman Renewal” church. A conservative religion that reformed after the fall of the world with the idea they were right to begin with.

Leo scouted the town and found some details, mostly that Cold Steel will want nothing to do with a town and organization that stakes out non-humans with warning signs. On his way home he spotted a family of anthromorphs (fox) that had been captured.

Not able to let them be killed he snuck out and freed the family, and also learned of a stash of weapons that the Silent Brotherhood wanted the location of from Peltor, the fox husband. He gave the location up to Leo for Leo to take care of.

Leo snuck in and blew up the supply cache that was one of the original founding members of the church, but at some point in the last five hundred years the location had been lost. He also met Colonel Aram Yeager, commander of the silent brotherhood and who owned a set of combat armor.

Not to be deterred, Leo stabbed the colonel in the thigh with his tarvon blade, and was able to escape before the explosion with Jeff. They returned home with two top of the line communication suites and the fae in tow. Talking with his own Lt. Colonel he established relations between Cold Steel and the fae while settling into another winter in Cold Steel as he had finally arrived home in mid/late September.


Sacred Waters (location)

Name: Sacred Waters
Old World Name: Twin Falls, ID USA
Other Names: Waterfall of Scarecrows
GM Coordinates: 42°33′20″N 114°28′15″W
Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links:
Twin Falls Idaho

Leader: Mayor Thomas Ritzer and Town City Manager Aram Yeager member of the Silent Brotherhood (Knights of Genetic Purity)
Size: 4,166 people
Racial Makeup: 100% human
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: 100% Church of the Mormon Renewal
Government: Militia/Military
Location Condition: mostly pre-war condition, including the limited use of vehicles.





Twin Falls maintains its condition in an almost pre-war state. There is more limited use of electricity but with the falls they do utilize a primitive turbine capture of power. The city itself has become smaller, the outer buildings are starting to wear down to rot but overall the town is kept clean.

In an attempt to have some semblance of the old USA feeling, Twin Falls is still nominally controlled as a council-manager form of government. The seven-member Twin Falls City Council is directly elected in non-partisan municipal elections to four-year terms. Almost always are the council members part of the Silent Brotherhood. The mayor, who holds little executive power, is periodically selected among current city council members to chair meetings and is “considered the official representative of the city.” City council meetings are usually held on Mondays.

The city’s day-to-day operations are overseen by a city manager, who is appointed by the city council. The city government through various citizen boards oversees all civil and legal aspects of the town.



According to the Pre-War United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 18.16 square miles (47.03 km2), of which, 18.10 square miles (46.88 km2) is land and 0.06 square miles (0.16 km2) is water.

The Snake River Canyon forms the city’s northern limits, separating it from Jerome County. There are three waterfalls in the immediate area. Shoshone Falls is located approximately 5 miles (8.0 kilometers) east of Twin Falls city. Pillar Falls is located approximately 1 12 mi (2 12 km) upstream from the Perrine Bridge while Twin Falls, the city’s namesake, is located upstream of Shoshone Falls.

Shoshone Falls stands at 213 ft (65 m), which is 46 feet (14 m) higher than Niagara Falls.


Twin Falls experiences a semi-arid climate with monthly temperature averages in Twin Falls range from 34.9 °F (1.6 °C) in January to 85.0 °F (29.4 °C) in July, with lows below freezing from December through March. Highs reach 90 °F (32 °C) on average 18.8 days per year, but very rarely exceed 100 °F (38 °C). Winter snowfall averages 29.5 inches (74.9 cm) per year, though much heavier amounts have fallen. However, in Twin Falls proper after an average snowfall it is uncommon to see more than six inches of snow on streets and sidewalks.

Summer and autumn months are very dry in Twin Falls, with less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) inch of precipitation falling each month between June and October. It is not uncommon to experience fast moving, intense electrical storms common in the deserts of the southwestern U.S..


Knights of Purity (cryptic alliances)

Silent Brotherhood Faction

Motto: “The earth belongs to true humanity.”
Location: Scattered throughout the world, congregating usually around human heavy environments.
Founder: Varies by faction
Type: Secular, multi racial, human only
Colors: Red, Black and White
Symbol: The overall organization uses a red square emblazoned on a shield, clothes or armor as identification. Each faction group then places their own symbol in that red square. Generally there is a scale of justice or a cross of iron somewhere in their symbol, but this isn’t every single time.
Organization: Individual organizations.
Restrictions: Only pure-strain humans may be a full member of the Knights of Genetic Purity. There are second hand citizens and “lessers” who can live and work in the faction, but they are not regarded well.

These factions are devoted to preserving the “purity” of humanity and their place in this world by destroying all other humanoids when given the opportunity. It should be noted they don’t consider mutated animals as impure, only as inferior as they are believed to not be a threat to humanity’s return to purity.

The faction combat support can be divided into two different classes of warriors. The first are the actual knights, signifying the cream of the crop of the factions and the rest who are called footmen are usually relegated to small, tactical fighting teams. Both are trained in combat with medieval and modern equipment though.

The Knights often ride large horses (roughly half again bigger than a percheron). this results in them sitting at about 6.5 feet tall while riding. They prefer lances, swords and armor. However, many of them carry older pre-war rifles and pistols of varying degrees.

The Footmen are similar to pre-war infantry units consisting of 8-12 men (or women, some of the factions don’t judge skin tone or gender, they feel they have enough to deal with, with all the non-humans). Their equipment varies wildly but often they were fatigues or other clothing to make them disappear in the surrounding terrain as much as possible.

When in need of money, mercenary companies of 20 to 200, will often hire out to fight in expeditions that offer a chance of killing Humanoids, but will be reluctant to shed the blood of other Pure Strain Humans.

There are many factions and some do not get along with other factions let alone non-humans. Below is a quick list of those factions met in game:


Silent Brotherhood (Twin Falls Idaho): A remnant of the militias of pre-war, this group’s xenophobia is unmatched by any other local factions. Believing in their own divine selves, they will enslave and kill almost all non-humans they come into contact with. They consist of about 75 soldiers available at any one time, and double that in civilians.


Anya’s Homecoming (adventure)

Anya’s Home

Adventure Name: “Anya’s Homecoming”
Brief Description: Leo, Aleph, Anya and Jeff along with their new scientist Emily head north and east into Idaho. There they find Anya’s family, or at least what is left of the home she grew up in. They also find some unexpected visitors. 

Date: February 5, 2019

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)

Loot: Dr. Emily Griesick, and a bunch of pre-war stuff


Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Ioann Patmosskiy
  • Sally, Conner, Marisa all part of a “otherworldly” contingent.
  • Altive, a Squanto historian

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None


Adventure Synopsis:

The group arrived south of Anya’s home near Orofino. First then encountered a Squanto librarian in his wilderness home named Altive, he made friends with the group quickly and indicated that the town of Orofino had been overrun and they had left. He gave him the information he had in his libraries (Anya “stole” a copy of one of the boxcar children books). In return Leo set up an electronic/computer repository of books that he carried.

The group continued on after staying the night towards Orofino. Just south of the town they met up with something new. There they found wreckage of two Russian main battle tanks, 2 BMP-1s and assorted wreckage of unidentifiable vehicles. The most peculiar part was that they were Russian soldiers and equipment, not American. Destroyed outside of the town.

Further inspection revealed that some of the equipment was destroyed by other human weapons, some of it was destroyed by human weapons, but with bizarre black residue/after effect around the damaged areas and finally one of the large main battle tanks (looks like an upgraded T-72) was ripped open by what appeared to be claws. All of this seemed to happen a long time ago, although not the full 500 years that should have passed.

The group then arrived outside of Orofino on the bridge connecting I-12 and Michigan Ave. There they found a burnt out BMP-1 that seemed to be placed in front of the bridge, defending the town. The group crossed the bridge and found that the town had been surrounded by iron pilings. The bridge even had an iron lip, except for a small section that had been recently removed just a couple of years ago… about the same time the town seemed to have ran away.

In the town the group found State Hospital – North, an old psychiatric hospital that in the last days was converted to a testing facility for Dr. Griesick’s program. This was not one of her “farms” but she knew the man in charge and said he wasn’t so carrying about his subjects. Anya’s people seem to be a combination of those patients and the Russians that arrived hundreds of years ago to save the town.

Leo deduced the Russians arrived and for whatever reasons defended the town and intermingled. He found out that originally Anya had said her last name was Granger, a name her family told to give out when outside of the town. However, her full name is Anya Natasha Petrov.

While in Orofino they found five Russian bodies spiked to trees, their insides pulled out and tortured for a long long time. Anya had one of the memory spiders crawl into one of the soldiers and has yet to give it to Leo.

Also outside Orofino Anya warns Leo away from a homeless vagrant wanderer named Ioann Patmosskiy. He has rumored to live outside of Orofino for generations, unable to cross the iron encirclement, and yes he turns out to be one of the black mists’s minions… his name translates from Russian to “John Patmos” or “John of Patmos”.

There is a small confrontation between Leo, Aleph and Ioann, but the group takes Ioann down quickly and decided to follow the path the survivors of Orofino left, which was towards Spokane.

During their four day travel to Spokane they encountered a black mist storm, with things writhing in the mist. The area they had stopped at seemed to have higher then normal iron deposits… perhaps old vehicle had rotted into the ground giving a high iron content, or some other reason. While the mist surrounded them, a nanite storm came and collided with the mist, leaving the group safe, but covered in iron filings they had rubbed all over their body as a last ditch effort to avoid the mist.

They also came across a group of Martok who were trying to take tolls from travelers and made short work of them.

The group arrived outside Spokane (the city is uninhabited and most of the locals live outside in the suburbs) to the Squanto library of Moran Prairie Library. There they were told that a contingent of “otherworlders” had rented the library and they would have to wait.

Not to be pushed away, Leo approached that contingent and met a gentleman named “Sally” (actual name not pronounceable easily), Marisa his guard, and Conner one of his soldiers (along with a ritualist who hasn’t directly introduced himself).

There things got friendly between Sally and Leo and Leo learned that Sally’s people are from another place and that a long time ago what lives in the black mist forced them from their own plane of existence.

Sally is obviously looked on as “touched” or just plain wrong in his cry of the black mist returning by most of his people. He is surrounded by a loyal group of what seems to be a faerie tale of creatures. After a lot of discussion Sally has agreed to follow Leo back to Cold Steel and to trade information.

While Sally seems like a different class from some of the common folks in his entourage, Sally, Marisa and the rest at that level all seem to glow with an inner light. He met Conner who was a beautiful man, but seemed more real, more on the level with Leo in both class and outlook.

We left the group getting to know the outworlders.









Orofino/Idaho State Hospital North (location)

Entrance to Hospital

Name: Orofino 
Old World Name: Orofino, Idaho USA.
Other Names: Home of the Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days. State Hospital North – Idaho
GM Coordinates: 46°29′8″N 116°15′32″W
Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: Orofino Idaho

Leader: None
Size: None (was 350+)
Racial Makeup: empty (was 100% mutant/altered humans)
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: None
Government: None
Location Condition: Seemed to be in operating condition, especially around Idaho State Hospital North, but has been abandoned since the last fall.




Orifino was the biggest city on the New Perce Indian Reservation before the Final War. It survived in a limited form the destruction by reinforcement of the US military for almost 50 years before they moved out.

The Idaho State Hospital North had been cleared out the last two years of pre-war times and used for a pentagon military project entitled Abacus. The 10 families that were settled here grew over time and eventually were all that was left after the military left.

The facility and town both had something happened the fall before Leo’s arrival, no sign of where the residents went. There is plenty evidence of horrific occurrences happening to the town however so the outlook isn’t good.

Jeff (cast)


Full Name: Jeff
Gender: Male
Race: Altered Animal
Height: 26″ (withers)
Weight: 85lbs
Eyes: light blue (was normal brown before nanites)
Hair: Mostly tan with black saddlery
Age: 4
Build: lightly muscular

Complete Physical Description: He has a domed forehead, a long square-cut muzzle with strong jaws and a black nose. His eyes were brown but are slowly becoming blue. The ears are large and stand erect, open at the front and parallel. He has a long neck, which is raised when excited and lowered when moving at a fast pace. The tail is bushy

Place of Birth:
Cold Steel

Date of Birth:
October 30, 515 AC (after collapse)

Relatives: Jeff was raised in Cold Steel along with his siblings. He has about 30 canine relatives in total in Cold Steel. There are a lot more canines in general, this is just his direct bloodline.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses: Honest, light sleeper, easy to read, duty to Cold Steel, is color blind, curious and has a code of honor.


Jeff was born in Cold Steel and raised by Leo. He spent the first three years of his life going on normal recon missions with his master, learning the skills required of a canine recon companion. Last year however he came across Anya who infected him with nanites that are slowly changing him. Seeming to make him smarter and more sentient (for lack of a better word). 

He is loyal to Leo and will do anything his master asks, even though now he seems to have a little sarcasm or judgment afterwards. He has just started speaking simple words.

WTF is John of Patmos? (adventure)

Adventure Name: “WTF is John of Patmos? ”
Brief Description: Leo, Aleph, Anya and Jeff head north on the journey to find Anya’s family. They find a town that is repeating its fall, John of Patmos and a doctor they sorely need.

Date: January 20, 2019

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)

Loot: Dr. Emily Griesick, and a bunch of pre-war stuff


  • Bear Lake42°02’08.1″N 111°23’47.0″W (42.035579, -111.396381)

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • John of Patmos

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

The group waits out the winter in Cold Steel, mostly with Leo dodging the boy child born to Tasha and Mary, while Anya endures school and Aleph settles in comfortably.

Heading north the group encounters no problems through Salt Lake City and out of Utah. On the Idaho border they turn on to I-89 heading to Bear Lake. The purpose is to check out a possible location of a Dr. Emily Grieseck, phd researcher and expert on several classified projects in and around the black smoke project uncovered at Hill AFB.

While arriving at the town of Fish Haven Idaho, the location of Grieseck’s home they find a small town still in pre-war condition. Not only in pre-war condition but it is pre-war for them. They meet a young man named James who works the convenience store and gas station. They then go to Dr. Grieseck’s place and raid it for everything.

Once finished with their initial goal on the way to Anya’s family, the group goes back to Gladys’ Place, a sandwich shop, deli and liquor store and enjoy a wonderful sandwich. There they are introduced to John of Patmos, a crazy person who turned out to be filled with black smoke. Leo approached the person to distract his attention from Anya.

John of Patmos

The group gets out of the place and heads back up to Griesecks when the nano scanner goes off. They find a satellite connection outside of the home and realize that the town is going to repeat the end of the world scenario that it crashed in. Anya begs Leo to try and rescue the people and he is able to convince the Sheriff and the town to at least partially evacuate.

Meanwhile the group having just escaped John of Patmos goes on to Big Lake Idaho, where Dr. Grieseck’s actual cabin is. There they find the scientist, not dead or old but still in her late 30s or early 40s. She has been going from town to town trying to work on a satellite project for the government to stop the black smoke.

While talking to the group, she finds who Anya is and what she did to make Jeff, Leo and Aleph like they are. She finds out that Jeff was close to dead when healed and maybe the energy used by Anya was big enough to accelerate the changes. So Emily shot Leo in the chest, emptying the cylinder in her pistol, and keeping everyone back until she was sure Leo was dead. She then allowed Anya to heal Leo and he came back, changed even more.

The session ended with Leo figuring out that Jeff can talk and that the survivors of Fish Haven Idaho actually made it to his people from Cold Steel, even with 500 years separating them.