Anya (cast)

Full Name: Anya Natasha “Granger” Petrov
Gender: Female
Race: Altered Human (white)
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: light green
Hair: brown
Age: 17
Build: slender

Complete Physical Description: She wears ripped up jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt and old army jacket. She is often unkempt in her travel mode, long brown hair and loud voice.

Place of Birth:
Grangeville, Idaho USA

Date of Birth:
April 1, 502 AC (after collapse)

Relatives: Orphaned at a young age, her entire family are altered humans.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:  Curious, defiant and self-reliant she can’t stop herself from helping others.


Born outside the old Nez Pearce Nation in Idaho, Anya grew up around the local population and was accepted with her healing abilities. Her family is rumored to have been caught in a nanite swarm in California and her abilities derive from that. Although she has never found proof.

She was approached at the age of 14 by people who wanted to hire her for her ability. They paid a pretty penny and escorted her to “Renvar” an altered animal (tiger) warlord. She healed him of his burns and proceeded to head home. This is when Renvar decided to keep her for her abilities.

She “traveled” with Renvar’s troop until they were caught by a Mo’Tar raiding company in Utah. She was captured and taken prisoner. She has spent the last six months being tromped around to the various Mo’Tar encampments to heal. There is a resurgence of unity among the maruading race and her abilities seemed to cement it.

After being escorted through Goisen Trading Post (where she first met Leo), Anya had her chance and broke free near Beaver Gas and Pay in Utah. There she met Leo for the second time. 


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