Coyote Springs (location)

Coyote Springs Sign

Name: Coyote Springs
Old World Name: Coyote Springs Development, Nevada USA.
Other Names: Coyote Springs Golf Course, Coyote Springs Community, 
GM Coordinates: 36°48’55.5″N 114°56’52.6″W
(36.815407, -114.947946)

Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: 
Coyote Springs

Leader: Major David Richardson (human), Cold Steel Command Staff
Size: 416 people
Racial Makeup: 95% human, 5% altered human
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: 45% Christian, 48% Unaffiliated, 7% various smaller religions
Government: Warlord
Location Condition: An old abandoned community development that still had its own power production capability and in the last 500 years a mine has been dug out in the mountains nearby for raw uranium. 




Coyote Springs was an unknown slave holding post and raw uranium for the last 500 years. It has been kept secret owned by Major Richardson’s family for the last 60 and is used by Julio and a few others at Cold Steel as an “off the books” rest and recuperation area along with where they can sell slaves or pillage they don’t want Cold Steel to know about.

The development itself has a small solar farm, enough to power a city five times larger then it currently is. Along with secured holding facilities for slaves being transported through or stored the main purposes seem to be trade with other slavers such as the Martok and for the mining of uranium by hand.

The highlight of the area in looks is the Coyote Springs Golf Course which seems to be as green and nice as it was in the pre-war days. Unprecedented amounts of water are used from underground river and pre-war water supplies to keep the area green.

The mine itself is less then 10 miles out of town but difficult to get to. It goes down hundreds of feet and there are things that live inside the mine that appear to have been human once. The mine has recently been sealed, at least from the main entrance side and is currently being watched over by Cold Steel Security Forces.


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