Working in the Mine (adventure)

Coyote Springs Sign

Adventure Name: “Working in the Mine”
Brief Description: Leo, Anya, Aleph and Jeff search out the secrets of Coyote Springs and find it is being held by Major Richardson as a side place he and others from outside Cold Steel own. The result is a uranium mine with things alive inside.

Date: January 2, 2019

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)

Loot: Several Nannoscanners and maps


Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Major Richardson, command staff from Cold Steel
  • Julio Lopez, special operator from Cold Steel
  • Several human slavers
  • Things living in the mine (still undetermined)

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

A follow up to Todd’s incarceration, trial and punishment as unvieled a hidden community just south and east of Cold Steel. Coyote Springs which was in the pre-war an uncompleted rich development needed to be investigated for nano-scanners and any possible nanites that might be stored there.

The group made their way down and found Coyote Springs fully developed into a town of about 500 people, plus slaves. The place itself looked almost like a pre-war town except for the additional slave pen facilities and the “miners” as they were called being shipped by bus into the mountains.

Leo and Aleph investigated where the bus went, leaving Jeff to guard Anya and found a uranium mine that had been used for the last several hundred years. It was carved out by hand tools and very deep. During Leo’s investigation into the dark of the mine he came across something else. Vaguely humanesque things that seemed to glow partially in the darkness and were natural there.

After a quick bit of combat and quick thinking by Leo. both Leo and Aleph were able to get to the surface and with the help of Anya and Jeff seal off the mine. It appears that the mine produces very low grade uranium. The question now is who would need low grade uranium that isn’t weapon or power quality. Even if it was that begs the question on who could use that as well.

Leo also found that Julio and his team had been using Coyote Springs for years as a base to stash extra things they found or to sell off slaves. Neither of these are allowed by Cold Steel. After being confronted Julio admitted this to Leo but claimed he never was part of the slavery ring, that he only used it as a safe base to stash things.

The group returned back to Cold Steel with a full report, in which Cold Steel themselves secured Coyote Springs, released the prisoners and are trying to determine what to do with that facility/town.

Leo did discover several nano-scanners along with a stash of nanites that matched what Todd used. He also discovered these nanites were being used on the miners as well (but not on the slaves being held for auction).



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