Orofino/Idaho State Hospital North (location)

Entrance to Hospital

Name: Orofino 
Old World Name: Orofino, Idaho USA.
Other Names: Home of the Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days. State Hospital North – Idaho
GM Coordinates: 46°29′8″N 116°15′32″W
Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: Orofino Idaho

Leader: None
Size: None (was 350+)
Racial Makeup: empty (was 100% mutant/altered humans)
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: None
Government: None
Location Condition: Seemed to be in operating condition, especially around Idaho State Hospital North, but has been abandoned since the last fall.




Orifino was the biggest city on the New Perce Indian Reservation before the Final War. It survived in a limited form the destruction by reinforcement of the US military for almost 50 years before they moved out.

The Idaho State Hospital North had been cleared out the last two years of pre-war times and used for a pentagon military project entitled Abacus. The 10 families that were settled here grew over time and eventually were all that was left after the military left.

The facility and town both had something happened the fall before Leo’s arrival, no sign of where the residents went. There is plenty evidence of horrific occurrences happening to the town however so the outlook isn’t good.


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