An excerpt from “History of Omega Terra” written by Tnisha Saloom, Squamata historian:

The war for most was over in less than 9 minutes. The initial barrage on the unsuspecting populace was almost absolute. People didn’t have time to run, call their families or pray. The military and governments had maneuvered for months, and one morning someone pressed the button and all the peace attempts, politics and threats were rendered moot. The world was a graveyard. The time of the Pure Man was gone. However, nature is strong and soon new things would grow in the remnants of the old. To this day though, no one knows why the world ended in fire, sickness and change.

End of the Storm is a small campaign based in a post-apocalyptic setting. The world has destroyed itself with nuclear, biological, and nanite weaponry for reasons no one knows to this day. In the centuries after the destruction there has been mutations, other races have risen up, or just appeared to take the place of what was before.

Humanity does exist now. Mostly mutated in at least limited ways with few pure strain humans left. They are scattered in towns, cities and some nation states. Technology exists in an almost haphazard way, mechanical tech is more common than electronic. Most advanced technology is coded to human dna and is not available to mutants are the new races.

The town of Cold Steel, formerly the home of the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division is the start of the new campaign. Seeing signs in the skies, the town has sent for Leo Baker, a pure strain human scout, along with 9 others to perform the first major recon mission in hundreds of years.

What will Leo find? No one is sure.

Important note, most of these photos are “pre-war” era from Leo’s datapad. They will be identified as such. Current/post-war pictures will obviously look different and be labeled differently as well.