Character Creation

CAMPAIGN NAME: End of the Storm

Starting year: 441 AFW (After Final War)

Rate game time passes: This varies depending on the action in the game.

Genre: Realistic or cinematic.

  • The action tends to be cinematic, large explosions, crazy situations, etc. However, the game becomes realistic with death and relationships..

General theme of campaign:

  • The campaign will focus on the PC exploring the new world as a scout for his community.



Campaign’s base city, nation, empire, or planet:

  • The campaign will start in Cold Steel, but will move out as the storyline progresses to the surrounding areas further and further.

Society/government type:

  • A post apocalyptic setting means there are various types of government and in many cases no government at all.

Tech level:TL 8. There are elements of TL 10 that do exist in scattered amounts, but most technology hovers at TL 6

Transportation: TL 6, horses and carts are mostly used, but there are vehicles from the final war and limited production of “mad max” style vehicles now.

Weapons and Armor: Most weapons and armor end at TL 6, however some societies fit up to TL 10. PC Weapons/Armor is TL 10 cap at beginning.

Power: TL 6/7 power is most common, but other higher tech items do use up to TL 12 or “superscience” power.

Biotechnology/Medicine:TL 6 most common, however TL 10 does exist, just as a rarer thing. 



Starting point value allowed for PCs: 200pts

Disadvantage limit: 75pts

Especially useful/useless character types: Combat, driving/piloting, science

Especially appropriate/inappropriate professions: Must be useful in combat situations and/or exploration.

PC races/restrictions (genotypes) allowed: See the genotype writeup here: GENOTYPES

Starting wealth: 1,000 Credits

Starting Wealth levels allowed: For now no limit.

Starting Status levels allowed: For now no limit

TL Capability: TL 8 without needing permission. Please note that this means Pure Strain Humans can use TL 10 (with the +2) and everyone else can use TL 6 or less (due to their restrictions in the genotype page). This is not necessarily the tech you start with on character, just what you can access after the game starts.

Languages available: All of them (origination in a trading town gives you access as long as you can explain it in your character history).

Cultural Familiarities available: Same as languages.

Appropriate Patrons (and base value): Any

Appropriate Enemies (and base value): Any (GM permission ahead of time)

Exotic/supernatural traits: All but unkillable allowed for now.

Cinematic skills: All, with GM permission.

Are PC mages allowed? Yes but it exhibits for the most part os Psionics

General mana/psi intereference level:  Varies on location.

Do areas of higher/lower mana or psi intereference exist? Yes

Are any of the spells from Chapter 5 off limits? None at this time, but please run by GM before finalizing.

Are PC psionics allowed? Are any of the powers from Chapter 6 off limits? None at this time, but please run by GM before finalizing.

Are PC gadgeteers allowed? Are there special limits on gadgeteering? None at this time, but please run by GM before finalizing.

Legal or social restrictions on these abilities: Different societies have restrictions on psionic/social or other legal things. 

Other Notes: This is in a constant state of change. If you have any questions just let us know.