Tarvon (bestiary)

Tarvons have been described as a “mixture of orange and shadow.” They have two long arms that end in curved spikes, two mandibles near the mouth for feeding, and two spindly legs. According to second hand accounts, tarvons were created to exterminate psionically capable or nanite infected individuals. True or not, the trarvons seem to hate Psis and psionic use along with nanite influenced things in general

ST: 15        HP: 50          Speed: 6.25
DX: 13       Will: 16         Move: 9
IQ: 7          Per: 15           Weight: 800 lbs.
HT: 16        FP: 25          SM: +1
Dodge: 9   Parry: N/A  DR: 5

Bite (14): 2d+3 cutting. Reach C.
Traits: Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 5; Quadruped; Sharp Teeth; Sharp Strikes x2;
Skills: Brawling-14; Running-15; Stealth-12; Survival-11; Tracking-12.
Class: Outworlder or Nanite creation (unknown which).


Deadly Swarms. A tarvon swarm is terrible to behold. When they appear, they mob any nearby creature, tearing through their victims like scythes. Tarvon  attack with their two arm spikes, bisecting a target like a pair of cutting shears. They do not stop until they have killed every non-tarvon in sight, but when the fight is done, the mandibles around their mouths scoop up the remains of their victims.

Tarvons  do not like natural light, and torches or strong non-electric lanterns can prevent them from attacking. However, electronic light drives them into a frenzy, and they attack any opponent using it without hesitation.

Unseen and All Seeing. Tarvons are known to appear primarily in shadowy conditions where there is no natural light. It is likewise not known where they retreat to once they have finished their attacks.

Some believe that the tarvons track creatures by their shadows, their emotions, or the sounds they make. But it is also known that tarvons have the ability to track a victim through the use of psionic or electronic systems designed to conceal the user. They are drawn to those protected by displacement cloaks, psionic abilities, and similar items, and can sense targets no matter how well they are hidden. Psionic cloaking seems to drive tarvons into a rage, and they often attack invisible or cloaked targets
before other foes.

Mysterious Ways. Tarvons speak a unique language that consists of soft clicks and chittering noises, which rise to a near-deafening screeching when they strike. Their insect-like nature makes several historians suspect that they may have a hive mentality, but like much that is known about tarvons, this is only speculation.

Tarvons are valued for their talons, which are long enough to be used as sword blades and make fearsome psionic/nanite-slaying weapons when properly enchanted. Likewise, tarvon blood is said to be usable in the crafting of unique arrows of slaying meant to kill psionic and nanite infused capable creatures. 


Martok (bestiary)

Genotype: altered human or altered animal (undetermined).
Attribute Adjustment:
 ST+2 [+20pts]; DX-1 [-20pts]; IQ-1 [-20pts]; HT+2 [+20pts]

Secondary Characteristic Adjustment: SM+1
Origin: Unknown
Genotype: Unsure, possibly otherworlder, or altered human.
Tech Level: 5 – Low TL-1 [-5pts]
Racial Advantages: Damage Resistance 5 (Tough Skin, -40%, Physical, -20%) [+10pts]
Racial Disadvantages: Bad Temper (Resist quite rarely, x2) [-20pts]; Reputation-1 (Aggressive warriors & brawlers, Almost everyone but own race, x1, All the time, x1) [-5pts]
Free Skills: Language (Mo’tar Native); Area knowledge (Outer Regions, Utah Territories)
Racially Learned Skills and Racial Skill Bonuses: Language (Basic, Broken) [+2pts]; Intimidate at Will [+2pts]; Survival [+2pts]

Features/Taboos: None

These barbaric marauders are not as tough as other marauders, but they have been pests in the outer part of the Utah Territories for as long as anyone can remember.

Most locals know the Martok as aggressive warriors and brawlers, famed for their strength and temper and lack of deep thought. Their history hints that maybe they were humans at one point and due to the fallout of the Final War it changed them, this is sometimes supported by their carrying of advanced weapons (even if they don’t know how to use it). Although technologically primitive by True Men standards, the warlike species are expanding with expansionist zeal.

Martok ruthlessly prowl the outer regions, attacking anyone who crosses their path, enslaving them and stealing whatever new technology they can salvage from them. Other species take advantage of the Mo’tar ’ vicious nature, arming them with weapons and employing them as thugs, bodyguards, and shock troops.

Brutal and unforgiving, Martok are calculating predators and ruthless scavengers who respect only strength and steal whatever they can’t make.

Martok have tough skin the color of clay. They stand about 6 foot 5 tall with powerfully built frames. Their primate faces can best be described as “skull-like”, with their skin pulled tautly over their bones. Martok have deep set eyes, crowned with jutting eyebrows and a relatively small mouth with extremely thin lips. They have high foreheads, and straggly manes of black hair fall on their shoulders.

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