Jeff (cast)


Full Name: Jeff
Gender: Male
Race: Altered Animal
Height: 26″ (withers)
Weight: 85lbs
Eyes: light blue (was normal brown before nanites)
Hair: Mostly tan with black saddlery
Age: 4
Build: lightly muscular

Complete Physical Description: He has a domed forehead, a long square-cut muzzle with strong jaws and a black nose. His eyes were brown but are slowly becoming blue. The ears are large and stand erect, open at the front and parallel. He has a long neck, which is raised when excited and lowered when moving at a fast pace. The tail is bushy

Place of Birth:
Cold Steel

Date of Birth:
October 30, 515 AC (after collapse)

Relatives: Jeff was raised in Cold Steel along with his siblings. He has about 30 canine relatives in total in Cold Steel. There are a lot more canines in general, this is just his direct bloodline.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses: Honest, light sleeper, easy to read, duty to Cold Steel, is color blind, curious and has a code of honor.


Jeff was born in Cold Steel and raised by Leo. He spent the first three years of his life going on normal recon missions with his master, learning the skills required of a canine recon companion. Last year however he came across Anya who infected him with nanites that are slowly changing him. Seeming to make him smarter and more sentient (for lack of a better word). 

He is loyal to Leo and will do anything his master asks, even though now he seems to have a little sarcasm or judgment afterwards. He has just started speaking simple words.


Aleph (cast)

A cougar placeholder until we can get something for aleph.

Full Name: Aleph
Gender: Male
Race: Altered Human/Animal (feline)
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 190lbs
Eyes: green cat eyes
Hair: Darker Red (body is reddish-brown)
Age: 200+
Build: lightly muscular

Complete Physical Description: Aleph stands about 6’0″, however he tends to crouch forward so most of the time he isn’t at his full height. He is older, his fur has started to grey on the edges. He has large green cat eyes, spots along his muzzle and he wears human clothing.

Place of Birth:
Southern Oregon

Date of Birth:
June 4, 345 AC (after collapse)

Relatives: His family, friends and tribe all passed away mysteriously


  • Str: 14, Dex: 22, Int: 14, HT: 16, HP: 15, FP: 16, Spd: 10, Mv: 10(9),
  • Will: 22, Vision 23, Hearing 21, Taste/Smell: 20.

Advantages, Disadvantages, Quirks: absolute-direction, code-of honor: 1, code of honor – protect innocents, animal-empathy, animal-friend: 1, sense-of-duty-house and tribe: 2, combat-reflexes    magic-resistance: 3, truthfulness, honest.


  • acrobatic stand (23)
  • bow-curve-shot (20)
  • bow-deflect-shot (17)
  • bow-indirect-shot (21)
  • bow-multi-shot (19)
  • bow-parry-lw (17)
  • bow-parry-missile (17)
  • bow-piercing-shot (21)
  • bow-point-blank (21)
  • bow-rapid-shot (22)
  • knee-strike (20)
  • sweeping-kick (21)
  • acrobatics (23)
  • alchemy (20)
  • animal-handling (20)
  • axe-throwing (21)
  • bow (26)
  • brawling (22)
  • broad-sword (23)
  • camouflage (19)
  • detect-lies (20)
  • drive – motorcycle
  • fast-draw arrow (24)
  • fencing (21)
  • first-aid (19)
  • karate (21)
  • knife (21)
  • meditation (20)
  • metallurgy (18)
  • packing (19)
  • philosophy (19)
  • pistol (19)
  • push (19)
  • riding (24)
  • rifle (23)
  • shield (22)
  • short-sword (23)
  • spear (23)
  • spear-throwing (22)
  • speed-load-bow (23)
  • stealth (21)
  • survival-woodlands (20)
  • tracking (22)


  • encumbrance: Light [1](56lbs)  carrying 29.62lbs (19.5lbs armor, 10.12lbs weapons
  • dodge [enc]: 14[13]   block: 15  parry: (short-sword)15 (brawling)15   base-dr: 0
  • damage: th 1d+0, sw 2d+0      punch:  th 1d+2  kick: th 2d+0


  • Composite bow  damage: th 2d-1, sw –  ss:14 acc:3 rof:1/3 st:10 ammo:26
  • Large Knife         damage: th 1d+0, sw 2d-2  st:-  rch:c,1 note: max dam 1d+2
  • Shortsword         damage: th 1d+0, sw 2d+0  st:7  rch:1 note: imp thrust


  • Leather Helm               db:0 dr:2/1 area:head  weight:1lbs
  • Padded Armor             db:0 dr:2/0 area:body  weight:18lbs
  • Soft Leather Shoes     db:0 dr:1/0 area:feet  weight:0.5lbs


Aleph is part of the Red Claw clan, a tribe located in southern Oregon. All that has been revealed so far is his tribe was exposed to something that prevented him from aging, but the rest of his tribe aged out and passed away. They had no fertility after the exposure and could not sustain the tribe. He is now out searching for answers, to learn what happened before the war and why things don’t seem to make sense.

Anya (cast)

Full Name: Anya Natasha “Granger” Petrov
Gender: Female
Race: Altered Human (white)
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: light green
Hair: brown
Age: 17
Build: slender

Complete Physical Description: She wears ripped up jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt and old army jacket. She is often unkempt in her travel mode, long brown hair and loud voice.

Place of Birth:
Grangeville, Idaho USA

Date of Birth:
April 1, 502 AC (after collapse)

Relatives: Orphaned at a young age, her entire family are altered humans.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:  Curious, defiant and self-reliant she can’t stop herself from helping others.


Born outside the old Nez Pearce Nation in Idaho, Anya grew up around the local population and was accepted with her healing abilities. Her family is rumored to have been caught in a nanite swarm in California and her abilities derive from that. Although she has never found proof.

She was approached at the age of 14 by people who wanted to hire her for her ability. They paid a pretty penny and escorted her to “Renvar” an altered animal (tiger) warlord. She healed him of his burns and proceeded to head home. This is when Renvar decided to keep her for her abilities.

She “traveled” with Renvar’s troop until they were caught by a Mo’Tar raiding company in Utah. She was captured and taken prisoner. She has spent the last six months being tromped around to the various Mo’Tar encampments to heal. There is a resurgence of unity among the maruading race and her abilities seemed to cement it.

After being escorted through Goisen Trading Post (where she first met Leo), Anya had her chance and broke free near Beaver Gas and Pay in Utah. There she met Leo for the second time. 

Leo Baker (cast)

Temporary Image

Full Name: Leo Baker
Gender: Male
Race: Human (white)
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190lbs
Eyes: light blue
Hair: black
Age: 33
Build: lightly muscular

Complete Physical Description: He tends to were typical Cold Steel fatigues and shirts. He wears boots and equipment he’s been given as part of his position as a recon scout. He favors a wool sweater when it’s cold with a wool cap.

Place of Birth:
Cold Steel

Date of Birth:
October 30, 485 AC (after collapse)

Relatives: Parents. He has both parents still living. His father was in service with his mother when they mustered out and took to farming sheep. He has four older brothers and two younger sisters.

He has a healthy relationship with his family. His folks are sad for him because they worry he will never have love and a family.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses: Honest, light sleeper, easy to read, duty to Cold Steel, has a dog named Jeff, is color blind, curious and has a code of honor.


Leo was born and raised in Cold Steel. He grew up the way everyone did. When he was a 16 he was sent to training like everyone. You had to put you your four years, and then you could muster out and be on reserve. Once in reserve status, you only had to go on training a few times a year and fill in if you were called upon to fulfill your duty. That almost never happened though.

He never had anything to muster out for. Instead, he decided to stay in, and worked as a recon/scout and perimeter guard. He spent ten years in various positions in the guard doing just that.

When he hit his tenth anniversary, he started doing longer and longer recon jobs. He liked them. Cold Steel where his people, but he had never quite felt like he belonged.

It was a small town, and options for a man like him romantically were very limited. 1000 to 2000 people didn’t really leave a lot of room for men that preferred the company of other men. He wasn’t opposed to women, but his first relationships were with men, and the town had decided he was gay.

They were supportive enough, but that means he got a lot of sad responses because there were so few gay men there. Additionally, after you dated everyone in your age range at least once, that left a lot to be desired for choice.

So he turned to other pursuits. Cold Steel was very insular, and almost xenophobic. They were truly human, which was a rarity now. There were almost no mutations at all due to their geographic position. They had a higher technological grasp than most folks in the Outlands, and even had some history from before everything went to shit hundreds of years ago. It wasn’t exactly encouraged to seek life outside the valley.

He focused instead on his career. He trained some of the best guard and working dogs in Cold Steel. If someone needed someone to ride out and do recon, he was one of the best.

By the time he was in his mid-thirties, he was the guy to go to when a ranger was needed to go check on things. He had found lost children, checked stealthily on smokey fires of those passing through, and chased down merchants that had tried to wrong the community.

He didn’t mind if it was just him and Jeff, his German Shepard. Jeff was his most recent trainee, at two years old, and one of Leo’s best. He’d taught the dog a range of commands, and was always working on more. The dog had a temperament to please, and was a great addition to his recon missions.

Leo had friends, mostly those in service, but he always wondered what life was like outside the valley.