Children of the Fire (cryptic alliance)

Reformed Sigil

Motto:  “Change is always better”
Location: Scattered throughout the world, mainly around highly radioactive sites.
Founder: Stanislaw Ulam III
Type: religious, altered-human/altered animal
Colors: Dirty brown and grey
Symbol: An atomic symbol in flames (blue for reformed, red for original adherents).
Organization: Churches and “retreats” on or near radioactive sites.
Restrictions: All new adherents must submit to “the change” by exposure to radiation.

The Children of Fire believe the change caused by radioativity freed humanity from its bonds. They do not see the Final War as a catastrophe, instead it is the beginning of a great new world.

They originally believed forceful conversion of others was necessary to spread this new word. They would capture humans, animals, and even others when they could and subject them to radioactivity. The most common result was death, but they believed that was even a sign, a strengthening of the races left on the world.

About a hundred years ago an offshoot of the church formed. Still believing in the powers of the radioactive fires, they believed only those who wished should be subjected to the fire. They also believe in treating those who are sickened and burnt by radioactivity and are in need.

The experience with radioactivity makes the members of this church incredibly effective in treatment of radiation sickness and poisoning.

There are two major outlooks of members of the Children of Fire.

Traditional: Traditional believers still try to enforce all life to step into the fire. Preaching end of days rhetoric they are usually banned in most populated locations.

Reformed: Reformed followers are sought out for their abilities. They are still avoided day to day for fear of radiation exposure, but they are not hunted and often allowed to pursue needed things like shopping.


White Hand (cryptic alliance)

Motto:  “Heal all, harm none”
Location: Scattered throughout the world, almost always at least one clinic in each city.
Founder: Kelser Graham
Type: Secular, multi racial
Colors: White
Symbol: The organization uses two symbols. An outstretched hand and the caduceus. These are usually painted on the walls of the clinic and on the equipment belonging to the healer.
Organization: Individual clinics, with some academies in larger places.
Restrictions: Healers in the order have given oaths to attempt to aid any sentient creature, or if the creature is beyond help to humanely put it out of its misery.

This is a monastic order, founded by a healer from the years following the Final War. The healers are dedicated to healing the sick and injured of any race or alliance, even raiders, mutants or non-sentient creatures.

Some members establish hospitals/clinics where anyone sick or injured can go for treatment. Others wander the land healing any and all creatures that cross their path. Those that wander rarely carry powerful or high-tech items due to their vulnerability. They rely more on skills and common equipment to perform their work.

Members of the white hand are sworn to respect the wishes of their patients. When healing those that believe in not using technology, they will only heal using primitive techniques such as salves, herbs and splints. Those that worship the fallout would not receive healing for the wounds caused by fallout but would be treated for other maladies.

The Healers have access to healing equipment, knowledge of drugs and chemicals and an experience level far higher than most healers employed by other organizations. There are rumors of healers who have psionic or other abilities to heal, but these have not been proven.

There are two major outlooks of members of the White Hand.

Traditional: Traditional healers will help any creature, sentient or not. They will risk life and limb to give medical assistance to another creature. They won’t necessarily aid a creature intent on harming them though.

Reformed: Many newer reformed healers demand payment for their services, they tend to not help non-sentient creatures as much as the traditional school, and can be pickier on who they help and how much to help.

Notes: Healers can still fight and kill other creatures if given no other choice. Once the threat is over though a healer is obligated to aid anyone in need, including those trying to harm the healer.

It is also known that the best healing poultices, medicines and care can be purchased at the White Hand’s clinics.