Cryptic Alliances

An excerpt from the Historics of Omega Terra written by Szah-lah, squamata historian:

During the days after the Final War, many sentient people of Omega Terra united behind the ideas of differing charismatic individuals. These eventually evolved into what are now called Cryptic Alliances. Each organization devoted to it’s own path.

Squamata sociologists theorize that this is normal, although dangerous, aspect of dramatic social change. Hopefully we all live through the results of these choices and find our own enlightenment. I shudder to think about the world under the control of such groups as the Created, or the Knights of Genetic Purity.

With a lack of governments that span large areas, the cryptic alliances sometimes hold tremendous power across vast distances. Political and military jousting tends to occur as frequently between the alliances as it does between the cities.

Below are a list of major powerful groups that have formed. Some can have a positive impact, some are a terror on those around them.


Children of Light The White Hand