Leo’s Travel Log Notes

This is just a rough place to keep Leo’s Travel Log Notes from the player until I can figure out a better organization system for it:

Leo’s Travel Log Notes

  • Iron Town. This is Leo’s home: https://endofthestorm.wordpress.com/2018/09/28/cold-steel-location/
  • Goison Trading Outpost. On old Parowan, UT now sits the Goison Trading Outpost. https://endofthestorm.wordpress.com/2018/10/10/goisen-trade-outpost-location/
  • Beaver Gas & Pay: Like an old world Gas & Go. https://endofthestorm.wordpress.com/2018/10/11/beaver-gas-and-pay-location/
  • Fort Cameron. Nothing. Completely wiped off the map. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Cameron  Not sure why this is on Command’s list of sites. Was active from 1872 to 1883.
  • Enel Energy Plant. Alerted to this site because my tablet pinged it as I was going by. Full solar set up, aged to about 50 years post war. Tarvon nest here, and felt with. Met up with supply and how collections team here.
  • Delta. Mining museum and leftover military unit remains in a time bubble. There is a fulling functioning laser mining vehicle left in good shape. Seems to be aged only days after the fall.To the north of the museum is the leftovers of a decimated US Military company. They had nanite zombies. These men and women decided whatever they were fighting was far worse than infecting themselves with nanites to make them an undead half living soldier. Note: Burn the bodies when you get them down.
  • Silver miners. Good stopover with an inn, blacksmith, and city guard. They are interested in trade with Iron Town, and improving the mining techniques. Independent town. Mostly human, some mutations. Fairly safe.
  • Camp Floyd. This was a US Army post in 1860-1861.
    • Not sure why this is on Command’s list of active military sites. It was a pre-war camp ground. It’s currently home to a raccoon/human hybrid race. They are non-violent and care for the graves. In addition to the old-world military graves are mass graves with untold numbers of bodies. Theses looked to be mostly civilian, probably from Salt Lake or Provo when the bombs were dropped to contain whatever enemy the US was fighting.
    • The rad count is still high around the graves, but as 500 years has passed its declining. Told the locals how to reduce exposure.
    • Local geographical phenomenon where an area next to the grave yard has localized atypical weather patterns. It’s like it’s coming through from somewhere else. Ravvi and the Cemetery (adventure) – End Of The  Storm
  • Ghost town. Nobody there but train tracks, but the tracks look like they have been used recently. Needs more exploration.
  • Toole Chemical Agent Disposal. NOTHING HERE. DANGEROUS. Aged as appropriate post war. Remains of bio/nanite/radioactive/standard munitions in need of disposal. Very dangerous. Some first line containment has failed, falling to second line containment measures.
  • Dugway Proving Ground. NOTHING HERE. DANGEROUS. Dugway Proving Ground (location) – End Of The  Storm Met up with supply and how collections team here.
  • Granite Peak. Nothing here. It’s a set of bunkers connected to Dugway Proving Ground, and it was stripped ages ago. Nothing but empty bunkers.
  • Wendover Air Force Base. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendover_Air_Force_Base
    • An old decommissioned base that was used as a civilian airport pre-war. No idea why this is on the Command’s site list.
    • The city of Wendover was taken over by a REFORMED Church of the Flame. The base and city are surrounded by a bomb blast from a 10ton nuke strike called down upon the area by a soldier at the base. The records show staff were “compromised”, and the nuke did not effect the base proper, only a ring surrounding the town.
    • The soldier then called in a nanite strike, as the nukes didn’t work. This worked, and the nanites died in weird swirls from the tissue they consumed. The soldier was eaten away by nanites, but thanked command for the strike.
    • Second site where armed forces have called death upon themselves because what they were facing was terrifying or horrific.
    • Met up with supply and how collections team here.
  • Camp Williams. This is a training site operated by the pre-war Utah National Guard.
    • Bingo! Looks like the last company standing here fled, leaving everything. They even have a large data store, so that we might be able to find some answers on what the hell happened 500 years ago.
    • Iron Town regulars came to the rescue, and we spent several weeks moving it all out back to Iron Town.
  • Hill Air Force Base. Massive parabolic spotlight into the sky directly at the satellite that is in geosynchronous orbit above. It was broadcasting the same message as they all are, but with this interface I started some Morse code to see if there was a living person up there in orbit. Slim chance 500 post fall, but worth a try.
    • Something showed up later that night screeching across, and we left before a missile strike hit. It was at a black cloud of tendrils. Second strike was a nuke. We were hit with rads, and had to retreat.