Returning Home (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Returning Home”

Leo’s new farmhouse

Brief Description: Leo, Anya, Jeff and Aleph return home. On their way they find Tarvon impaled on stalagmites that were not in the farming field earlier in their travel.

Once they reach Cold Steel they find Todd on trial, a guilty verdict but not death. More information comes to light about other rings and other possible shenanigans.

In addition, Leo receives his home, a full farmhouse and an extension of his property line along with another cabin. All to have room for his new housemates.

Date: December 17, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)

Loot: New Farmhouse, cabin, and two nanite scanners.


  • Enel Energy Company Sulphurdale, UT 38°33’47.7″N 112°34’53.7″W (38.563243, -112.581595) – Location of the Tarvon found impaled by stalagmites.
  • Cold Steel37°38’24.6″N 113°14’34.1″W (37.640157, -113.242818)

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Tarvon
  • Quarter Master Sergeant Ernest Borgnine

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

After the encounter of the black goo and possibly possessed person the group headed back south towards Cold Steel. The goal was to get back to Cold Steel and leave again before winter settled in.

Their trip was uneventful except when they got just outside Sulphurdale and Enel Energy. In one of the abandoned farms they found four dead Tarvon, who had not become good. They were impaled on stalagmites growing up from the ground and were petrified. No source of the stalagmites that were not there when Leo went through the area just 2 weeks before.

They also noted as they went through Delta that the soldier Tyrell that they laid to final rest there was still undisturbed. It appeared he was successfully laid to rest.

Outside Goisen Trading Post the group came across a group of forty or so Martok who were demanding payment for passage. Liand was part of this group (Anya’s old owner) and asked for at a minimum a single rifle for himself for passage. Leo refused and while Liand had climbed up on the humvee, had collected several grenades.

Liand meanwhile noticed what was happening and stayed on the humvee and out of the way of any thrown grenades, which eventually did happen wounding and possibly killing some Martok, driving the rest off, except Liand who used this opportunity to climb in from the top and demand to be dropped off at Goisen itself, which Leo agreed to.

Eventually the group got back to Cold Steel to find a farmhouse had been moved onto Leo’s land. Leo had requested no real pay and no privileges for his 15 years of service until he mentioned the house and an extra cabin. They immediately (to the chagrin of others) moved him to the front of the line and set up his home.

He discovered that Mary and Tasha (directed by Mary) had outfitted Leo’s house for a family and not just bachelor living. Mary seems to be nesting with her pregnancy and insists on keeping Leo’s larders stocked, his home comfy and ensuring Anya gets what she needs as a teenager.

Todd’s father, Quarter Master Sergeant Ernest Borgnine came to Leo to get the real information. He did not seem to be forgiving of his son, and he asked Leo to take care of things if his son was not executed. Meanwhile Todd’s mother was begging the court for mercy of her son, to exile him instead of executing him.

From there Leo attended Todd’s trial and guilty verdict, and found that one of the five people involved in passing sentence interfered with the death penalty (forcing Cold Steel to impose exile). Leo found out that this other Major Roberts has some sort of connection. However, it appeared that Julio and Leo would “escort” Todd out to his exile (which meant he probably would be executed away from the camp. Just before this was carried out Todd begged for leniency and gave up the presence of a second ring, and a second site at Coyote Springs Nevada.

Todd gave up a nano scanner and Leo was able to find the second ring at a backup Ranger site belonging to Julio’s team. Julio, who might be under investigation for other things was livid at what Todd did, and at least one other member of Julio’s team, named Charlie. Julio is a criminal and has no problem committing atrocities on outsides will not accept this behavior on their own people. Leo and Julio are working together on this because it effects their own people. They wish to solve what might e at Coyote Springs and if there are any other nefarious things happening at Cold Steel.

Leo ended the session with acknowledging that they will need to winter out at Cold Steel, but as soon as spring allows they will move forward with going to Coyote Springs Nevada, then traveling north through the remaining bases and finally seeing if they can locate Anya’s family.




What’s Up With Todd? (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Memories and Monsters”
Brief Description:Leo and the group arrived at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City to find some nanite readers for Anya. There they are met up with by Tasha and her team, and Julio and his team including Todd.

The resulting secrets uncovered paint a very dark picture for a member of Cold Steel.

Date: November 12, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 2 xp (each)

Loot: resupplied, Nanite Reader


Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Todd
  • Julio and his Crew
  • Tasha and her Crew

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

Leo, Anya, Aleph and Jeff decide to embark on a closer investigation of Hill Air Force Base after a lively time back at home where Leo is helping Tasha and Mary have a baby. Leo has convinced the Colonel to look into Todd’s behavior, resulting in Todd being transferred to Julio’s squad of recon.

The group heads north and finds Julio and his team are at Meadows, which is much further north than normal for recon units. He knows that Julio’s team is suspected of stealing, killing and doing other bad things on outposts and outsiders they find and Leo begins an investigation, but decides to avoid Meadow so they won’t realize he is doing so.

They arrive at the hospital and find several things:

The first being that this hospital was supporting refugees and trauma up until two days before the Final War. There is no record on what happened those two days before, all that is left is an empty city, and an empty hospital with everything in good condition.

They found that the morgue of the teaching school was used up until that point, the machines indicated thousands had been incinerated. They also found bits of cybernetic systems inside the ovens and are attempting to unlock any info they may still have.

Leo found a full high-tech nanoscanning suite and was able to scan Jeff, finding he had at least one nanite hive active, Aleph who was classified as a non-human with Black Security rating, and Anya with multiple undetermined hives at classified Purple 4. Leo found his brain scans were different after his experience with nanites, but no sign of a nanite hive yet.

This is when Tasha and her group showed up to secure the hospital. They will take everything home that they can, and leave a guard for the remaining. There is a possibility they might be able to use it regularly and it could have a huge impact.

Julio’s team showed up with Todd in tow. During this encounter Jeff managed to mate with Matilda, the Mastiff of the team infecting her with nanites (as Leo found when he snuck the dog up to the scanning facility).

During this time Anya showed up back at camp a bit disorientated and her nanites had been drained in healing her. Tasha came back to camp, her top a little messed up and she seemed upset at herself. She had evidently played around a little with Todd and realized she didn’t like him in the middle. Leo found foreign nanites in her that were dying off so he used his nanite scanner to investigate the others. He found Tia and Megan, members of Julio’s team were also infected and also evasive about Todd.

He eventually determined that Todd was somehow inducing influencing nanites into women and taking advantage. He found a control ring and contacted the Colonel who immediately ordered Julio’s team to take Todd into custody and bring him back, as there was suspicion something was going on back home earlier and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

The session ended with Julio’s team leaving to head back to Cold Steel with Todd under arrest and already missing teeth.

University of Utah Hospital (location)

Name: University of Utah Hospital
Old World Name: University of Utah, Utah USA.
Other Names: None
GM Coordinates: 40°46’17.7″N 111°50’12.5″W
(40.771575, -111.836811)

Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: 
University of Utah Hospital

Leader: Not Applicable
Size: Not Applicable
Racial Makeup: Not Applicable
Affiliation: Not Applicable
Languages: Not Applicable
Religions: Not Applicable
Government: Not Applicable
Location Condition: Abandoned, but still mostly powered and mostly usable.




The University of Utah Hospital was a research and teaching hospital on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. It served as a major regional referral center for Utah and the surrounding states of Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico. University of Utah Health Care was praised for the following specialties: cardiology, geriatrics, gynecology, pediatrics, rheumatology, pulmonology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, and ophthalmology.

The hospital was operating up to the evacuation/destruction of Salt Lake City during the Final War. The hospital and research components are in fairly decent shape, supplies still seem usable and there was evidence of a great rush of victims and refugees in the last days.

The biggest portion of note was that it’s morgue was overfull of pre-war dead still in their lockers, and the incinerators below the morgue were used in overtime, so much so they damaged two of the four incinerators. Thousands had been incinerated daily.

Leo had scouted the hospital and secured it with the reinforcement of Tasha and her unit with white coats.


Hill Air Force Base (location)

Front sign

Name: Hill Air Force Base
Old World Name: Hill AFB Utah USA.
Other Names: Air Force Material Command
GM Coordinates: 41°08’47.3″N 112°00’44.4″W (41.146478, -112.012322)
Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: Hill Air Force Base,

Leader: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Racial Makeup: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Languages: Unknown
Religions: Unknown
Government: Unknown
Location Condition: 50% destroyed in the Final War with various and random levels of degradation in the time since.



Hill Air Force Base served as a major air support base for the U.S. Air Force, part of the old United States of America.  In its prior use, the host unit at Hill AFB is the Air Force Material Command’s 75th Air Base Wing (75 ABW), which provides services and support for the Ogden Air Logistics Complex and its subordinate organizations. Additional tenant units at Hill AFB include operational fighter wings of the Air Combat Command (ACC) and the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC).

It was also a secondary research center after the incident, but before the Final War. The US Government abandoned this location three days before the Final War, the reason for this has never been determined. There is one item that appears unusual, a new wing had been hastily built to serve as storage. It was nicknamed the “Hill Vault”. Current info indicates other locations had impromptu vaults built but complete data has not yet been unearthed.




Fire and Air (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Fire and Air”
Brief Description: The team come across their first sign of the war. Wendover base was destroyed in the first few minutes, intense radiation outside of the base area, but a surprise inside.

Date: November 4, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 2 xp (each)


Locations (not necessarily every specific location):

  • Wendover Air Force Base and subsequent Wendover Children of the Fire Church of the Redeemers – Local Church  41°07’25.0″N 111°58’01.1″W (41.123597, -111.966975)
  • Hill Air Force Base 41°06’37.7″N 111°58’57.8″W (41.110480, -111.982709)
  • Utah Test and Training Range 40°38’50.0″N 113°26’06.5″W (40.647209, -113.435137)
  • Camp Williams 40°26’06.2″N 111°55’43.7″W (40.435063, -111.928810)

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

The quartet managed to hit most of the remaining list during this adventure. They found the following:


  • Wendover Air Force Base and subsequent Wendover Children of the Fire Church of the Redeemers – The group arrived and met members of a reformed Children of the Fire church. They were welcomed in, taken care of and considered part of the community by Gillian Rhoades, head priest.
    • The surrounding area of the base had suffered a direct, 10mt nuclear strike, but a mile out from the town center was untouched, as if it never happened (leaving an inner ring of safety and an outer ring of nuclear fallout.
    • While here, Luke discovered an air traffic control component that was locked away. Inside the room was a portable, high-tech communications array, and a soldier that had locked himself in. He had died horribly, not all of his flesh had decayed, some of it was still there in bizarre bits and strips, as if something (that turned out later to be nanites) had damaged the flesh, eaten portions and left the remaining bits exposed and unable to decompose.
    • Turns out something bad was happening and the air-traffic-controller had ordered in a nuclear strike, when that didn’t work they followed up with a nanite attack, which was more successful.
    • Tasha arrived with the white coats to secure the facility. They are not staying, rather instead leaving it to Gillian and his group. Instead they secure the technology they could and take it home.
    • During this time they also found out that two Mo’tar had died relatively recently in similar circumstances to the soldier (only current day not 500 years before). Leo dug up the Mo’Tar and found their bodies similar. They had set off one of the nanite weapons and had been eaten alive.
  • Utah Test and Training Range 
    • A crashed space shuttle surrounded by impromptu lighting and destroyed vehicles were the only thing of note in this gigantic desert area. Leo grabbed the black box and downloaded the information. He is currently waiting for the decryption.
  • Camp Williams
    • They found that the last wave of National Guard had ran away and left a full National guard unit’s worth of supplies. In disgust Leo called for Tasha and the white coats to secure this treasure trove.
    • While here they discovered the Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, an NSA treasure trove.
  • Hill Air Force Base (including all the surrounding small bases). 
    • Leo found Salt Lake City, Ogden and the surrounding suburbs to be a large tomb. Obvious nuclear strikes had hit the mountains around the city, along with nanite attacks and probable biological/chemical attacks in the city itself.
    • They found the light beaming up to the satellite using a large parabolic device. Leo also found that when he used morse code to communicate with the satellite, it seemed to responded in coded morse code back.
    • Shortly thereafter Aleph told Leo and Anya they had to run followed by a screaming sound. At first this was interpreted as incoming missiles, until they noticed a star getting brighter in the sky, realizing that actual incoming missiles sounded different they barely avoided the first impact by a “rod from god” a non-nuclear ballistic weapon.
    • When the dark cloud started seeping up around that light a second nuclear weapon (small megaton) was launched. Leo, Anya, Jeff and Aleph barely escaped but had to return back to Wendover so the church could heal them of radiation exposure.
  • Eventually Leo and the group were healed by Gillian and the church and returned home. They issued a report and found they would be sent back out. Leo asked to be sent back to Hill AFB because Dr. Kerschner did not really believe the “black shadow” incident. Leo wishes to investigate this shadow thing and asked to be sent back first.

Other issues that had happened was Tasha, his lesbian friend had asked if Leo would volunteer to inseminate her wife Mary.

Todd would not leave Anya alone, making Leo have to threaten the young man (and declaring Todd should act like Leo is Anya’s father). Leo does not trust Todd and believes Anya might have been touched inappropriately.

Leo has begun teaching Anya to read, and how anatomy works, and suggesting that Anya learn how to use those nanites to defend herself in a variety of ways.


Wendover Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed (location)

Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed

Name: Wendover Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed
Old World Name: Wendover Airport, Utah USA.
Other Names: Wendover Air Force Base
GM Coordinates: 40°43’26.0″N 114°00’52.4″W
(40.723898, -114.014560)

Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: Wendover Air Force Base, Wendover Airport

Leader: Gillian Rhodes (mutant human), Church Leader
Size: 73 people
Racial Makeup: 85% altered human, 15% altered animal
Affiliation: Children of Fire – Reformed
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: 100% Children of Fire – Reformed
Government: Church
Location Condition: In a constant state of decay, but everything is mostly there.

Appearances: Fire and Air (11/4/2018)



An old air force base originally redone as a community airport and then taken over after the Final War by the Church of the Children of Fire.

Serving as a full time church for the Wendover Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed this location is a little off the beaten path. The high priest Gillian Rhodes is friendly enough with people, although he will profess the life of the Children of Fire, he is a reformed priest and does not believe forced conversion as something desireable.

The church/base consists mostly of mutant humans but there are some altered/mutant animals as well. The church used to be the site of a Lutheran church that had been abandoned either right before the war or right after.

The site itself was nuked, but there was no effect to the base and the surrounding half mile. In response the military cleared out whatever they wished to attack with a subsequent nanite strike. No one currently here knows exactly what happened.

Children of the Fire (cryptic alliance)

Reformed Sigil

Motto:  “Change is always better”
Location: Scattered throughout the world, mainly around highly radioactive sites.
Founder: Stanislaw Ulam III
Type: religious, altered-human/altered animal
Colors: Dirty brown and grey
Symbol: An atomic symbol in flames (blue for reformed, red for original adherents).
Organization: Churches and “retreats” on or near radioactive sites.
Restrictions: All new adherents must submit to “the change” by exposure to radiation.

The Children of Fire believe the change caused by radioativity freed humanity from its bonds. They do not see the Final War as a catastrophe, instead it is the beginning of a great new world.

They originally believed forceful conversion of others was necessary to spread this new word. They would capture humans, animals, and even others when they could and subject them to radioactivity. The most common result was death, but they believed that was even a sign, a strengthening of the races left on the world.

About a hundred years ago an offshoot of the church formed. Still believing in the powers of the radioactive fires, they believed only those who wished should be subjected to the fire. They also believe in treating those who are sickened and burnt by radioactivity and are in need.

The experience with radioactivity makes the members of this church incredibly effective in treatment of radiation sickness and poisoning.

There are two major outlooks of members of the Children of Fire.

Traditional: Traditional believers still try to enforce all life to step into the fire. Preaching end of days rhetoric they are usually banned in most populated locations.

Reformed: Reformed followers are sought out for their abilities. They are still avoided day to day for fear of radiation exposure, but they are not hunted and often allowed to pursue needed things like shopping.