Orofino/Idaho State Hospital North (location)

Entrance to Hospital

Name: Orofino 
Old World Name: Orofino, Idaho USA.
Other Names: Home of the Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days. State Hospital North – Idaho
GM Coordinates: 46°29′8″N 116°15′32″W
Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: Orofino Idaho

Leader: None
Size: None (was 350+)
Racial Makeup: empty (was 100% mutant/altered humans)
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: None
Government: None
Location Condition: Seemed to be in operating condition, especially around Idaho State Hospital North, but has been abandoned since the last fall.




Orifino was the biggest city on the New Perce Indian Reservation before the Final War. It survived in a limited form the destruction by reinforcement of the US military for almost 50 years before they moved out.

The Idaho State Hospital North had been cleared out the last two years of pre-war times and used for a pentagon military project entitled Abacus. The 10 families that were settled here grew over time and eventually were all that was left after the military left.

The facility and town both had something happened the fall before Leo’s arrival, no sign of where the residents went. There is plenty evidence of horrific occurrences happening to the town however so the outlook isn’t good.


Bear Lake (location)

Name: Bear Lake
Old World Name: Bear Lake Recreation Area.
Other Names: Unincorporated Fish Haven, ID USA
GM Coordinates: 42°02’08.1″N 111°23’47.0″W
(42.035579, -111.396381)

Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: 
Fish Haven, Idaho WikiBear Lake Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau

Leader: No organized leader as it fell under Bear Lake County
Size: 3,126 people
Racial Makeup: 100% human
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: 45% Christian, 48% Unaffiliated, 7% various smaller religions
Government: Home Owner/Business Owner Association
Location Condition: Pre-War location that repeats the night of the attack every night.




Driving into Fish Lake always starts in the evening with the community shutting down. It is a relaxed community that relies on tourist dollars and rich people living here. The day to day goings on for the community is always the same.

The people repeat what they did every night their community was attacked. What attacks the community shifts every. night as well. The only thing that remains the same in the attack is the man named John of Patmos and his 1972 Pontiac Grand Safari Station Wagon. 

Coyote Springs (location)

Coyote Springs Sign

Name: Coyote Springs
Old World Name: Coyote Springs Development, Nevada USA.
Other Names: Coyote Springs Golf Course, Coyote Springs Community, 
GM Coordinates: 36°48’55.5″N 114°56’52.6″W
(36.815407, -114.947946)

Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: 
Coyote Springs

Leader: Major David Richardson (human), Cold Steel Command Staff
Size: 416 people
Racial Makeup: 95% human, 5% altered human
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: 45% Christian, 48% Unaffiliated, 7% various smaller religions
Government: Warlord
Location Condition: An old abandoned community development that still had its own power production capability and in the last 500 years a mine has been dug out in the mountains nearby for raw uranium. 




Coyote Springs was an unknown slave holding post and raw uranium for the last 500 years. It has been kept secret owned by Major Richardson’s family for the last 60 and is used by Julio and a few others at Cold Steel as an “off the books” rest and recuperation area along with where they can sell slaves or pillage they don’t want Cold Steel to know about.

The development itself has a small solar farm, enough to power a city five times larger then it currently is. Along with secured holding facilities for slaves being transported through or stored the main purposes seem to be trade with other slavers such as the Martok and for the mining of uranium by hand.

The highlight of the area in looks is the Coyote Springs Golf Course which seems to be as green and nice as it was in the pre-war days. Unprecedented amounts of water are used from underground river and pre-war water supplies to keep the area green.

The mine itself is less then 10 miles out of town but difficult to get to. It goes down hundreds of feet and there are things that live inside the mine that appear to have been human once. The mine has recently been sealed, at least from the main entrance side and is currently being watched over by Cold Steel Security Forces.

Wendover Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed (location)

Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed

Name: Wendover Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed
Old World Name: Wendover Airport, Utah USA.
Other Names: Wendover Air Force Base
GM Coordinates: 40°43’26.0″N 114°00’52.4″W
(40.723898, -114.014560)

Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: Wendover Air Force Base, Wendover Airport

Leader: Gillian Rhodes (mutant human), Church Leader
Size: 73 people
Racial Makeup: 85% altered human, 15% altered animal
Affiliation: Children of Fire – Reformed
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: 100% Children of Fire – Reformed
Government: Church
Location Condition: In a constant state of decay, but everything is mostly there.

Appearances: Fire and Air (11/4/2018)



An old air force base originally redone as a community airport and then taken over after the Final War by the Church of the Children of Fire.

Serving as a full time church for the Wendover Children of the Fire – Church of the Redeemed this location is a little off the beaten path. The high priest Gillian Rhodes is friendly enough with people, although he will profess the life of the Children of Fire, he is a reformed priest and does not believe forced conversion as something desireable.

The church/base consists mostly of mutant humans but there are some altered/mutant animals as well. The church used to be the site of a Lutheran church that had been abandoned either right before the war or right after.

The site itself was nuked, but there was no effect to the base and the surrounding half mile. In response the military cleared out whatever they wished to attack with a subsequent nanite strike. No one currently here knows exactly what happened.

Silver City (location)

Silver City Saloon and Inn

Name: Silver City Consortium
Old World Name: Silver City, Utah USA.
Other Names: None
GM Coordinates: 99-1 W 100 N (37.844237, -112.829169)
Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: Silver City Utah,

Leader: Conrad Mushipman (human), Mine Leader
Size: 3,346 people
Racial Makeup: 59% human, 26% altered human, 15% altered animal
Affiliation: Self
Languages: English, Common Speak
Religions: 45% Christian, 48% Unaffiliated, 7% various smaller religions
Government: Mining Company
Location Condition: An old abandoned silver mining town, this place has been rebuilt since the Final War.

Appearances: Ravvi and the Cemetery (11/02/18)



Silver City is a small mining community living on the old silver mines. The town had been abandoned in the beginning of the twentieth century, but after the Final War the silver mines became valuable enough to mine again.

The Silver City Consortium was formed by the local population by a man named Stephen Sheperd, who was an amateur mining fanatic before the war. With his knowledge and a lot of scavenging the town is now almost 500 years old and is thriving, if small community.

Located here are a saloon, mercantile, small school, and all the supporting businesses for passing trade caravans to support silver mining.

Camp Floyd (location)

Camp Floyd sign

Name: Camp Floyd Cemetery
Old World Name: Fairfield, Utah USA.
Other Names: None
GM Coordinates: 40°15’08.4″N 112°05’56.3″W (40.252339, -112.098971)
Pre-war Country: USA
Pre-war Links: 
Camp Floyd State Park

Leader: Ravvi
Size: 37 raccoon altered-humans
Racial Makeup: N/A
Affiliation: Self 
Languages: English, Raccoon
Religions: Reverence for the graves
Government: Family
Location Condition: Vastly overgrown with trees, green around the graves with traces of cold air and bits of snow appearing in summer.

Appearances: Ravvi and the Cemetery (11/02/18)



Camp Floyd was originally a US Army military installation in the 1860s that became a state park. It still contained a military graveyard up until the Final War. At some point after the start of the Final War mass graves were dug and people were entombed, it is believed thousands.

Now the area is uncharacteristically surrounded by fir trees (not native of the area) and during the summer a cold wind can sometimes be felt, and snow found on the ground in places. The air in the forest and around the graves smells… icier.

Ravvi and his family insist they were humans at one point and their job was to watch over the dead that were entombed here. They perform regular maintenance of the area, they perform remembrances for the dead and they claim to know almost all of the stories of the dead that are buried there (although they don’t know how all of them died).

Ravvi and his family aren’t really raccoon people, they have obvious radiation burns (the area has a slightly higher count) and it appears as is the racoon parts are randomly placed on the people.

Ravvi’s people though are peaceful, wanting only to take care of the area. They insist that the land takes care of them and maybe this explains how they can survive here. They also only want to help others that come here. They are probably the most peaceful people Leo has met to this date.

They did have shortwave radio that still works and some of their electronics came on 15 weeks before the arrival of Leo, but they don’t know why. Leo left with having a place and people that would take care of him no matter the circumstance.

Aleph (cast)

A cougar placeholder until we can get something for aleph.

Full Name: Aleph
Gender: Male
Race: Altered Human/Animal (feline)
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 190lbs
Eyes: green cat eyes
Hair: Darker Red (body is reddish-brown)
Age: 200+
Build: lightly muscular

Complete Physical Description: Aleph stands about 6’0″, however he tends to crouch forward so most of the time he isn’t at his full height. He is older, his fur has started to grey on the edges. He has large green cat eyes, spots along his muzzle and he wears human clothing.

Place of Birth:
Southern Oregon

Date of Birth:
June 4, 345 AC (after collapse)

Relatives: His family, friends and tribe all passed away mysteriously


  • Str: 14, Dex: 22, Int: 14, HT: 16, HP: 15, FP: 16, Spd: 10, Mv: 10(9),
  • Will: 22, Vision 23, Hearing 21, Taste/Smell: 20.

Advantages, Disadvantages, Quirks: absolute-direction, code-of honor: 1, code of honor – protect innocents, animal-empathy, animal-friend: 1, sense-of-duty-house and tribe: 2, combat-reflexes    magic-resistance: 3, truthfulness, honest.


  • acrobatic stand (23)
  • bow-curve-shot (20)
  • bow-deflect-shot (17)
  • bow-indirect-shot (21)
  • bow-multi-shot (19)
  • bow-parry-lw (17)
  • bow-parry-missile (17)
  • bow-piercing-shot (21)
  • bow-point-blank (21)
  • bow-rapid-shot (22)
  • knee-strike (20)
  • sweeping-kick (21)
  • acrobatics (23)
  • alchemy (20)
  • animal-handling (20)
  • axe-throwing (21)
  • bow (26)
  • brawling (22)
  • broad-sword (23)
  • camouflage (19)
  • detect-lies (20)
  • drive – motorcycle
  • fast-draw arrow (24)
  • fencing (21)
  • first-aid (19)
  • karate (21)
  • knife (21)
  • meditation (20)
  • metallurgy (18)
  • packing (19)
  • philosophy (19)
  • pistol (19)
  • push (19)
  • riding (24)
  • rifle (23)
  • shield (22)
  • short-sword (23)
  • spear (23)
  • spear-throwing (22)
  • speed-load-bow (23)
  • stealth (21)
  • survival-woodlands (20)
  • tracking (22)


  • encumbrance: Light [1](56lbs)  carrying 29.62lbs (19.5lbs armor, 10.12lbs weapons
  • dodge [enc]: 14[13]   block: 15  parry: (short-sword)15 (brawling)15   base-dr: 0
  • damage: th 1d+0, sw 2d+0      punch:  th 1d+2  kick: th 2d+0


  • Composite bow  damage: th 2d-1, sw –  ss:14 acc:3 rof:1/3 st:10 ammo:26
  • Large Knife         damage: th 1d+0, sw 2d-2  st:-  rch:c,1 note: max dam 1d+2
  • Shortsword         damage: th 1d+0, sw 2d+0  st:7  rch:1 note: imp thrust


  • Leather Helm               db:0 dr:2/1 area:head  weight:1lbs
  • Padded Armor             db:0 dr:2/0 area:body  weight:18lbs
  • Soft Leather Shoes     db:0 dr:1/0 area:feet  weight:0.5lbs


Aleph is part of the Red Claw clan, a tribe located in southern Oregon. All that has been revealed so far is his tribe was exposed to something that prevented him from aging, but the rest of his tribe aged out and passed away. They had no fertility after the exposure and could not sustain the tribe. He is now out searching for answers, to learn what happened before the war and why things don’t seem to make sense.