Working in the Mine (adventure)

Coyote Springs Sign

Adventure Name: “Working in the Mine”
Brief Description: Leo, Anya, Aleph and Jeff search out the secrets of Coyote Springs and find it is being held by Major Richardson as a side place he and others from outside Cold Steel own. The result is a uranium mine with things alive inside.

Date: January 2, 2019

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)

Loot: Several Nannoscanners and maps


Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Major Richardson, command staff from Cold Steel
  • Julio Lopez, special operator from Cold Steel
  • Several human slavers
  • Things living in the mine (still undetermined)

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

A follow up to Todd’s incarceration, trial and punishment as unvieled a hidden community just south and east of Cold Steel. Coyote Springs which was in the pre-war an uncompleted rich development needed to be investigated for nano-scanners and any possible nanites that might be stored there.

The group made their way down and found Coyote Springs fully developed into a town of about 500 people, plus slaves. The place itself looked almost like a pre-war town except for the additional slave pen facilities and the “miners” as they were called being shipped by bus into the mountains.

Leo and Aleph investigated where the bus went, leaving Jeff to guard Anya and found a uranium mine that had been used for the last several hundred years. It was carved out by hand tools and very deep. During Leo’s investigation into the dark of the mine he came across something else. Vaguely humanesque things that seemed to glow partially in the darkness and were natural there.

After a quick bit of combat and quick thinking by Leo. both Leo and Aleph were able to get to the surface and with the help of Anya and Jeff seal off the mine. It appears that the mine produces very low grade uranium. The question now is who would need low grade uranium that isn’t weapon or power quality. Even if it was that begs the question on who could use that as well.

Leo also found that Julio and his team had been using Coyote Springs for years as a base to stash extra things they found or to sell off slaves. Neither of these are allowed by Cold Steel. After being confronted Julio admitted this to Leo but claimed he never was part of the slavery ring, that he only used it as a safe base to stash things.

The group returned back to Cold Steel with a full report, in which Cold Steel themselves secured Coyote Springs, released the prisoners and are trying to determine what to do with that facility/town.

Leo did discover several nano-scanners along with a stash of nanites that matched what Todd used. He also discovered these nanites were being used on the miners as well (but not on the slaves being held for auction).



What’s Up With Todd? (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Memories and Monsters”
Brief Description:Leo and the group arrived at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City to find some nanite readers for Anya. There they are met up with by Tasha and her team, and Julio and his team including Todd.

The resulting secrets uncovered paint a very dark picture for a member of Cold Steel.

Date: November 12, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 2 xp (each)

Loot: resupplied, Nanite Reader


Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Todd
  • Julio and his Crew
  • Tasha and her Crew

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

Leo, Anya, Aleph and Jeff decide to embark on a closer investigation of Hill Air Force Base after a lively time back at home where Leo is helping Tasha and Mary have a baby. Leo has convinced the Colonel to look into Todd’s behavior, resulting in Todd being transferred to Julio’s squad of recon.

The group heads north and finds Julio and his team are at Meadows, which is much further north than normal for recon units. He knows that Julio’s team is suspected of stealing, killing and doing other bad things on outposts and outsiders they find and Leo begins an investigation, but decides to avoid Meadow so they won’t realize he is doing so.

They arrive at the hospital and find several things:

The first being that this hospital was supporting refugees and trauma up until two days before the Final War. There is no record on what happened those two days before, all that is left is an empty city, and an empty hospital with everything in good condition.

They found that the morgue of the teaching school was used up until that point, the machines indicated thousands had been incinerated. They also found bits of cybernetic systems inside the ovens and are attempting to unlock any info they may still have.

Leo found a full high-tech nanoscanning suite and was able to scan Jeff, finding he had at least one nanite hive active, Aleph who was classified as a non-human with Black Security rating, and Anya with multiple undetermined hives at classified Purple 4. Leo found his brain scans were different after his experience with nanites, but no sign of a nanite hive yet.

This is when Tasha and her group showed up to secure the hospital. They will take everything home that they can, and leave a guard for the remaining. There is a possibility they might be able to use it regularly and it could have a huge impact.

Julio’s team showed up with Todd in tow. During this encounter Jeff managed to mate with Matilda, the Mastiff of the team infecting her with nanites (as Leo found when he snuck the dog up to the scanning facility).

During this time Anya showed up back at camp a bit disorientated and her nanites had been drained in healing her. Tasha came back to camp, her top a little messed up and she seemed upset at herself. She had evidently played around a little with Todd and realized she didn’t like him in the middle. Leo found foreign nanites in her that were dying off so he used his nanite scanner to investigate the others. He found Tia and Megan, members of Julio’s team were also infected and also evasive about Todd.

He eventually determined that Todd was somehow inducing influencing nanites into women and taking advantage. He found a control ring and contacted the Colonel who immediately ordered Julio’s team to take Todd into custody and bring him back, as there was suspicion something was going on back home earlier and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

The session ended with Julio’s team leaving to head back to Cold Steel with Todd under arrest and already missing teeth.

Memories and Monsters (adventure)

Front Yard of Enel Energy

Adventure Name: “Memories and Monsters”
Brief Description: Leo and Anya happen upon an old energy farm, and learn some bewildering things. They then move on to Delta, a small town with even more secrets of the final war. All this leads up to meeting a stranger, and finding the world may not be what was taught to Leo.

Date: October 28, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)

Loot: resupplied


  • Enel Energy Company Sulphurdale, UT 38°33’47.7″N 112°34’53.7″W (38.563243, -112.581595)
  • Delta, UT 39°21’50.2″N 112°33’55.6″W (39.363950, -112.565435)

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Tarvon
  • Nanite Storm (coming soon)
  • Nanite Zombies (coming soon)

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None

Adventure Synopsis:

Anya and Leo talked the following morning and began traveling north, along Veterans Memorial Highway. After a couple of long days of avoiding the debris, they were interrupted by Leo’s tablet vibrating. The map indicated a place a few miles away off the freeway of interest, a place called Enel Energy Farm.

Leo arrived at the farm and found a gigantic solar and wind farm, outfitted with technology far higher then his people are used to. Supplies and parts were assembled everywhere, it was obvious that survivors had come here, or had been here to begin with during the war. He also noted that there was no sign of those survivors now. He interacted with the computer systems, finding it response and reporting that no one had been in the area for almost 500 years.

Everything was exactly where it was 500 years ago, except none of it was rotten.

Later that night they were under attack by a small swarm of Tarvon. Leo beat them off but noticed they seemed to track electronics and Anya, Anya especially. The next week members of Cold Steel arrived to help break the energy farm up and take it home, while they secured several Tarvon samples.

Todd… (an eyeroll with that name is necessary) one of the young recon soldiers had accidentally cut himself on a Tarvon spike through his body armor. Anya took his hand and thousands of tiny spider like things seemed to erupt out of Anya’s skin in the same part and engulf Todd’s arm, which quickly knitted up. Leo realized that the wounds Anya had healed on Todd had appeared on her, but her abilities, which turn out to be a naturally born nanite hive, healed it fairly quickly, making her incredibly famished.

Anya was protected by Leo and the women in the Cold Steel force from grabby soldiers and doctors with needles, and soon after securing the facility Leo and Anya moved on north, following the same highway until they came to an abandoned town of Delta Utah.

Delta was abandoned, but the tablet had alerted Leo to something there, which turned out to be a mining vehicle. While in town Anya showed him how to get into vending machines, which he found odd considering the vending machines were more than 500 years old, but the food was edible and the pop still cold, he tried Doritos for the first time, unsure how he felt about something so awful yet so tasty.

While in town the team were led by Jeff to what appeared to be an old battle site. A Final War battle site with some dead bodies, a dead supply train and a last ditch firebase. The problem was, there were dead soldiers here just lying there from 500 years before, but some of the blood on them was still a bit soft.

They returned to the town when a Nanite Storm, starting as red and ending as blue tinged they hid out until they found four of those soldiers had gotten up and walked into town… dead. There was a small attack by the zombies as they tried to force themselves into the museum. They seemed to be tracking Anya. Leo had Anya stay within the sealed mining vehicle which then had the zombies focus on Leo. Leo found even if he shot them in the neck or head, they seemed to heal up and get back up, albeit a little slower. It seems the nanites in the zombies would use the flesh of the zombie for energy to heal the wounds.

Three zombies were tied up, Leo was going to wait for the storm to end to burn them when the fourth, the squad sergeant showed up again, this time with a nanite grenade which he threw in (obviously a smarter zombie). Jeff picked up the grenade and attempted to take it out of harms way but unfortunately both Jeff and to a lesser degree Leo were overtaken by the nanites as they invaded both their systems.

Anya ran out and was able to fix Leo and then Jeff, a nanite war raging across her and Jeff’s bodies as the invading nanites seemed to be attacked by the spiders inside of Anya. Jeff recovered and while seeming mostly the same, Leo has noticed some small changes.

After the storm Leo and Anya scoured the old battle site again, finding the nanite grenade seemed to be a defensive item, not an offensive weapon. Leo hunted for more deer, Anya was starving and brought it back. On a whim he fed the sergeant zombie (all had been tied up) and found it was healing when he fed him the meat. This continued for awhile when the zombie started responding to their words.

A short interrogation occurred, the zombie was Sergeant Tyrell Banks (at least according to the dog tags). In the middle of the interrogation, while the zombie was tied up, an arrow sunk into the zombie’s head. Leo watched as an altered animal/human (unknown at this point) that resembled a bipedal cat stepped out of the forest and knocked another arrow.

The cat did not approve of the “cruelty” it saw and a small conversation was had. Eventually the cat listened and told Leo he would be back while Leo fed the zombie more meat to heal.

Leo was almost done as much as he could when the cat returned and presented what appeared to be two bird hearts and fed the zombie those hearts. After a short time the zombie seemed to regain some of its humanity, it could say words and talked about he had failed to stop the world breaking.

Another interlude as Leo talked with the zombie/Tyrell and found that the unit had been destroyed in a fight during the Final War, something so horrific that the soldiers had decided instead of being killed/taken by that enemy, they would willingly subject themselves to the nanite grenade/device and become undead to keep on fighting.

This aspect concerned Leo, none of this was part of Cold Steel’s history or memories and it made a lot of dark possibilities arise in his mind. Meanwhile Tyrell/Zombie had tears coming out of one eye, and was talking about his family and where were they? It was obvious the zombie did not appear to be able to survive in the end, prompting panic from Anya.

Anya leapt over and attempted to heal the zombie, more and more of the zombie seemed to be refilling itself as Anya’s nanites flowed into it, a return set of nanites that were already there seemed to be doing battle. Anya continued to try and heal the zombie as Leo attempted to pull her away. Leo could smell bacon burning as she was attempting to heal him. Eventually he wrestled her away and the cat leaned forward and dispatched the zombie with a blade covered in something.

Anya sat back down and leaned over and some of her nanites returned, when a large one, the size of an actual spider came out and Luke captured it in his bottle as it was different then the rest of her nanite swarm.

A funeral pyre was set and the bodies burned, Leo showing them the same respect as any soldier from Cold Steel, after all they were all US Soldiers and fought for the same world, even if it was centuries apart.

Anya wanted to see the spider in the jar and Leo let her. It crawled along her, when she looked up and said it was for Leo, Tyrell wanted him to have it. Leo unsuredly allowed the spider thing to crawl up him, when it promptly crawled in his mouth and disappeared inside of him.

Leo was wracked by memories, dark wall of shadow that would float over troops, ripping them apart, twisting them. The largest firefight that Leo had ever seen, soldiers screaming, yelling attempting to retreat, finally back at the firebase several soldiers holding each other, whispering reassurances as Tyrell (point of view Leo sees) brings in one of the nanite grenades. He sets it down and they all embrace as life fades from them.

It switched to a second memory though, Tyrell the Zombie kept asking about his wife and kids, the tears were obviously his fear for them. This memory is of being in a tiny apartment, with a beautiful black woman and two children. It was a Christmas, the kids were so excited about their presents, and Leo could feel their love and in turn felt a deep deep love for all three of them. That is when Leo realized that Tyrell didn’t want this memory to fade into nothing and gave it to him.

After his recovery from the memories, Leo sat and ate with Anya, Jeff who seemed more responsive to commands, and the cat who they found out was named Aleph. They talked about how the stars sometimes don’t match what each was told, and how things don’t seem to age at the same rate. It ended with the group talking about relationships, with Aleph sounding like he wanted to follow Leo and Anya for awhile.

Tarvon (bestiary)

Tarvons have been described as a “mixture of orange and shadow.” They have two long arms that end in curved spikes, two mandibles near the mouth for feeding, and two spindly legs. According to second hand accounts, tarvons were created to exterminate psionically capable or nanite infected individuals. True or not, the trarvons seem to hate Psis and psionic use along with nanite influenced things in general

ST: 15        HP: 50          Speed: 6.25
DX: 13       Will: 16         Move: 9
IQ: 7          Per: 15           Weight: 800 lbs.
HT: 16        FP: 25          SM: +1
Dodge: 9   Parry: N/A  DR: 5

Bite (14): 2d+3 cutting. Reach C.
Traits: Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 5; Quadruped; Sharp Teeth; Sharp Strikes x2;
Skills: Brawling-14; Running-15; Stealth-12; Survival-11; Tracking-12.
Class: Outworlder or Nanite creation (unknown which).


Deadly Swarms. A tarvon swarm is terrible to behold. When they appear, they mob any nearby creature, tearing through their victims like scythes. Tarvon  attack with their two arm spikes, bisecting a target like a pair of cutting shears. They do not stop until they have killed every non-tarvon in sight, but when the fight is done, the mandibles around their mouths scoop up the remains of their victims.

Tarvons  do not like natural light, and torches or strong non-electric lanterns can prevent them from attacking. However, electronic light drives them into a frenzy, and they attack any opponent using it without hesitation.

Unseen and All Seeing. Tarvons are known to appear primarily in shadowy conditions where there is no natural light. It is likewise not known where they retreat to once they have finished their attacks.

Some believe that the tarvons track creatures by their shadows, their emotions, or the sounds they make. But it is also known that tarvons have the ability to track a victim through the use of psionic or electronic systems designed to conceal the user. They are drawn to those protected by displacement cloaks, psionic abilities, and similar items, and can sense targets no matter how well they are hidden. Psionic cloaking seems to drive tarvons into a rage, and they often attack invisible or cloaked targets
before other foes.

Mysterious Ways. Tarvons speak a unique language that consists of soft clicks and chittering noises, which rise to a near-deafening screeching when they strike. Their insect-like nature makes several historians suspect that they may have a hive mentality, but like much that is known about tarvons, this is only speculation.

Tarvons are valued for their talons, which are long enough to be used as sword blades and make fearsome psionic/nanite-slaying weapons when properly enchanted. Likewise, tarvon blood is said to be usable in the crafting of unique arrows of slaying meant to kill psionic and nanite infused capable creatures.