Anya’s Homecoming (adventure)

Anya’s Home

Adventure Name: “Anya’s Homecoming”
Brief Description: Leo, Aleph, Anya and Jeff along with their new scientist Emily head north and east into Idaho. There they find Anya’s family, or at least what is left of the home she grew up in. They also find some unexpected visitors. 

Date: February 5, 2019

Characters Involved:

  • Leo Baker
  • Anya
  • Jeff (Leo’s Dog) – (coming soon)
  • Aleph
  • Dr. Emily Griesick – (coming soon)

XP Earned: 5 xp (each)

Loot: Dr. Emily Griesick, and a bunch of pre-war stuff


Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Ioann Patmosskiy
  • Sally, Conner, Marisa all part of a “otherworldly” contingent.
  • Altive, a Squanto historian

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

  • None

Notes: None


Adventure Synopsis:

The group arrived south of Anya’s home near Orofino. First then encountered a Squanto librarian in his wilderness home named Altive, he made friends with the group quickly and indicated that the town of Orofino had been overrun and they had left. He gave him the information he had in his libraries (Anya “stole” a copy of one of the boxcar children books). In return Leo set up an electronic/computer repository of books that he carried.

The group continued on after staying the night towards Orofino. Just south of the town they met up with something new. There they found wreckage of two Russian main battle tanks, 2 BMP-1s and assorted wreckage of unidentifiable vehicles. The most peculiar part was that they were Russian soldiers and equipment, not American. Destroyed outside of the town.

Further inspection revealed that some of the equipment was destroyed by other human weapons, some of it was destroyed by human weapons, but with bizarre black residue/after effect around the damaged areas and finally one of the large main battle tanks (looks like an upgraded T-72) was ripped open by what appeared to be claws. All of this seemed to happen a long time ago, although not the full 500 years that should have passed.

The group then arrived outside of Orofino on the bridge connecting I-12 and Michigan Ave. There they found a burnt out BMP-1 that seemed to be placed in front of the bridge, defending the town. The group crossed the bridge and found that the town had been surrounded by iron pilings. The bridge even had an iron lip, except for a small section that had been recently removed just a couple of years ago… about the same time the town seemed to have ran away.

In the town the group found State Hospital – North, an old psychiatric hospital that in the last days was converted to a testing facility for Dr. Griesick’s program. This was not one of her “farms” but she knew the man in charge and said he wasn’t so carrying about his subjects. Anya’s people seem to be a combination of those patients and the Russians that arrived hundreds of years ago to save the town.

Leo deduced the Russians arrived and for whatever reasons defended the town and intermingled. He found out that originally Anya had said her last name was Granger, a name her family told to give out when outside of the town. However, her full name is Anya Natasha Petrov.

While in Orofino they found five Russian bodies spiked to trees, their insides pulled out and tortured for a long long time. Anya had one of the memory spiders crawl into one of the soldiers and has yet to give it to Leo.

Also outside Orofino Anya warns Leo away from a homeless vagrant wanderer named Ioann Patmosskiy. He has rumored to live outside of Orofino for generations, unable to cross the iron encirclement, and yes he turns out to be one of the black mists’s minions… his name translates from Russian to “John Patmos” or “John of Patmos”.

There is a small confrontation between Leo, Aleph and Ioann, but the group takes Ioann down quickly and decided to follow the path the survivors of Orofino left, which was towards Spokane.

During their four day travel to Spokane they encountered a black mist storm, with things writhing in the mist. The area they had stopped at seemed to have higher then normal iron deposits… perhaps old vehicle had rotted into the ground giving a high iron content, or some other reason. While the mist surrounded them, a nanite storm came and collided with the mist, leaving the group safe, but covered in iron filings they had rubbed all over their body as a last ditch effort to avoid the mist.

They also came across a group of Martok who were trying to take tolls from travelers and made short work of them.

The group arrived outside Spokane (the city is uninhabited and most of the locals live outside in the suburbs) to the Squanto library of Moran Prairie Library. There they were told that a contingent of “otherworlders” had rented the library and they would have to wait.

Not to be pushed away, Leo approached that contingent and met a gentleman named “Sally” (actual name not pronounceable easily), Marisa his guard, and Conner one of his soldiers (along with a ritualist who hasn’t directly introduced himself).

There things got friendly between Sally and Leo and Leo learned that Sally’s people are from another place and that a long time ago what lives in the black mist forced them from their own plane of existence.

Sally is obviously looked on as “touched” or just plain wrong in his cry of the black mist returning by most of his people. He is surrounded by a loyal group of what seems to be a faerie tale of creatures. After a lot of discussion Sally has agreed to follow Leo back to Cold Steel and to trade information.

While Sally seems like a different class from some of the common folks in his entourage, Sally, Marisa and the rest at that level all seem to glow with an inner light. He met Conner who was a beautiful man, but seemed more real, more on the level with Leo in both class and outlook.

We left the group getting to know the outworlders.










Tarvon (bestiary)

Tarvons have been described as a “mixture of orange and shadow.” They have two long arms that end in curved spikes, two mandibles near the mouth for feeding, and two spindly legs. According to second hand accounts, tarvons were created to exterminate psionically capable or nanite infected individuals. True or not, the trarvons seem to hate Psis and psionic use along with nanite influenced things in general

ST: 15        HP: 50          Speed: 6.25
DX: 13       Will: 16         Move: 9
IQ: 7          Per: 15           Weight: 800 lbs.
HT: 16        FP: 25          SM: +1
Dodge: 9   Parry: N/A  DR: 5

Bite (14): 2d+3 cutting. Reach C.
Traits: Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 5; Quadruped; Sharp Teeth; Sharp Strikes x2;
Skills: Brawling-14; Running-15; Stealth-12; Survival-11; Tracking-12.
Class: Outworlder or Nanite creation (unknown which).


Deadly Swarms. A tarvon swarm is terrible to behold. When they appear, they mob any nearby creature, tearing through their victims like scythes. Tarvon  attack with their two arm spikes, bisecting a target like a pair of cutting shears. They do not stop until they have killed every non-tarvon in sight, but when the fight is done, the mandibles around their mouths scoop up the remains of their victims.

Tarvons  do not like natural light, and torches or strong non-electric lanterns can prevent them from attacking. However, electronic light drives them into a frenzy, and they attack any opponent using it without hesitation.

Unseen and All Seeing. Tarvons are known to appear primarily in shadowy conditions where there is no natural light. It is likewise not known where they retreat to once they have finished their attacks.

Some believe that the tarvons track creatures by their shadows, their emotions, or the sounds they make. But it is also known that tarvons have the ability to track a victim through the use of psionic or electronic systems designed to conceal the user. They are drawn to those protected by displacement cloaks, psionic abilities, and similar items, and can sense targets no matter how well they are hidden. Psionic cloaking seems to drive tarvons into a rage, and they often attack invisible or cloaked targets
before other foes.

Mysterious Ways. Tarvons speak a unique language that consists of soft clicks and chittering noises, which rise to a near-deafening screeching when they strike. Their insect-like nature makes several historians suspect that they may have a hive mentality, but like much that is known about tarvons, this is only speculation.

Tarvons are valued for their talons, which are long enough to be used as sword blades and make fearsome psionic/nanite-slaying weapons when properly enchanted. Likewise, tarvon blood is said to be usable in the crafting of unique arrows of slaying meant to kill psionic and nanite infused capable creatures.